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Schedule Service Online at Sterling Acura of Austin, TX

Our customers can schedule their services online quickly and conveniently from the comfort of home at an ideal time for their schedule. It does not require any phone calls and is always available on our website with an internet connection.


First Time? All About the Online Service Schedule System

When scheduling your first appointment, it will help to know that the system is designed for efficient repeat use. The system saves login information with basic contact and vehicle data. This makes it easy for repeat use but also requires additional information when scheduling your first service. You have the option to sign in with an existing Google account or to begin by clicking – make, year, model – under the heading – I’m a new customer.

How to Schedule a Service Appointment Online

Here at Sterling Acura of Austin, we like to make online service scheduling as convenient as possible. That is why we put together some helpful tips for each step of the online scheduling process. You can reference these steps when scheduling your appointment online:

  • Logging In – If you are a first-time user, begin by entering the make, year, and model as a new customer. Repeat schedulers can enter their phone or email or simply log in with the previous username and password. First-timers might be helped with their owner’s manual when providing pertinent vehicle information.
  • About the Vehicle – Select the make, year, model, transmission, drive type, trim, engine type, and engine size. Also, be sure to enter the mileage on the right side for accuracy.
  • Vehicle Needs – You will choose the service to be completed at this step. You will notice options for maintenance packages matching your vehicle’s mileage entered before and a list of individual services below. Choose what your vehicle needs.
  • Need a Ride? – This step is for choosing how you will get to the appointment and if you will wait for the service to be completed. If you need a shuttle ride or to secure a rental, be sure to select those options.
  • Appointment Time – You will see a calendar of available service days with a list of times below for each day selected. Choose the ideal day and time from the options calendar.
  • Review – The last step is to provide details, including if you want reminders and updates, provide additional comments, and request a return phone call. Be sure to review all of the details for accuracy before scheduling your appointment.

Services We Offer Near Buda

Routine Acura maintenance and automotive repair are what we do best, but we can service almost any make, model, and year of the new vehicle or used model. From standard inspections to brake replacements, trust our professionals to do it all. Just fill out our form when you need your regular Acura scheduled service.

Oil Change Near San Marcos

When you have an internal combustion engine, an oil change represents one of the most common, and vital, regular Acura maintenance services. Changing out your oil makes sure that your engine operates at peak efficiency, which helps reduce wear and tear and improves performance. You’ll also get more out of your vehicle ownership. We offer express service for your Acura vehicle when you need an oil change.

Fluid Replacements for Acura Maintenance

Of course, engine oil isn’t the only fluid you need to make sure your car is running as smoothly as possible. Other fluid changes we can help with include everything from your power steering fluid to engine coolant to washer fluid, which are all critical systems to monitor. You may need to schedule an Acura appointment for these services.

Tire Rotation

Tire rotations make sure that your tires have even wear among them so that one isn’t low on tread while the others are fine. Rotating tires helps make your tires last longer, lowering your overall costs of vehicle ownership. You won’t need to schedule Acura service in Austin for this express service.

Wheel Alignment

A wheel alignment can also reduce uneven tire wear and can prevent your car from pulling to one side. We’ll readjust the angles of the wheels to the manufacturer’s specs so that you know they’re right. This Acura maintenance can reduce a lot of future problems with your vehicle.

Battery Check

A dead battery is one of the most annoying things to deal with, especially in the winter. We can perform a battery check every time you bring your used vehicle in for maintenance. Our team will make sure your car battery is healthy and ready for cold weather.

Filter Replacement

You’ve got three filters vital to your vehicle’s performance. The cabin air filter helps keep the cabin clean and enjoyable by keeping out pollen, dust, and dirt. The engine air filter aids performance and reduces engine wear and tear while keeping the internal combustion chamber clean. The fuel filter will also make sure the engine is getting the clean fuel it needs. Our Acura maintenance services will keep your engine in top shape.

Brake Inspections

Brakes are vital to your vehicle’s safe operation. Our technicians will look at the brake fluid, the discs, the lines, brake pads, and more, which makes sure your vehicle is safe and keeps everyone on the road safe.

Service Specials and Coupons

Ready to save money on your vehicle maintenance? We offer service specials and coupons at our center. Simply ask one of our team members if you qualify for one of our current offers!

Get Your Acura Maintenance Done Right in Austin

Your Acura maintenance does not have to be a challenging task. Just get your appointment scheduled with our service center at Sterling Acura of Austin. If you have any questions, feel free to call (512) 212-4357. Once you get to our shop, your experience will be as easy as using our online scheduling tool. We’re happy to help in any way we can!


Scheduling Service at Sterling Acura of Austin, TX

Our online scheduling service makes it easy and convenient for drivers in Buda, Creedmoor, Garfield, and Sunset Valley to book an appointment for service at Sterling Acura of Austin. Of course, if you prefer to call us, we can schedule your appointment that way. We look forward to seeing you!