What is a CVT Transmission?

2020 Acura ILX

Over a hundred years ago, when cars first became part of our lives, there was only one type of transmission, a manual! Eventually, technology came along to make our lives in Austin easier, and the automatic transmission was invented, including the CVT transmission. What is a CVT transmission? It’s a ‘continuously variable transmission’ which operates similar to an automatic transmission. Learn more below, and rely on our Austin Service Center to keep your new Acura running smooth!

What is CVT?

Most Kyle drivers don’t even notice they drive a CVT or continuously variable transmission vehicle. The experience is identical to driving an automatic. The difference is how the CVT operates compared to a traditional automatic transmission. A conventional automatic transmission operates on a fixed number of gears and shifts to different gears for more power or speed (like shifting a ten-speed bicycle works).

You might be surprised to learn that a CVT has no gears and instead operates on a set of pulleys. These pulleys are moveable and are continually adjusting to ensure the vehicle utilizes the optimum amount of power and efficiency at any given moment. Rather than shifting into the appropriate gear for the speed or power needed, the CVT adjusts itself so it’s most efficient.

Does Acura Have a CVT Transmission?

Acura models do not utilize the CVT transmission, but you can find a variety of two different transmission across the Acura brand, with varying degrees of speeds. The Acura transmissions are:

  • Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) – Built to truly maximize your Acura performance through millisecond gear changes, all through paddle shifters on the steering wheel. This transmission has one clutch for odd gears and one for even gears, helping it achieve lightning quick gear changes.
  • SportShift Automatic Transmission – This transmission works to keep the rpms within the perfect range, boosting performance and fuel economy in turn. This transmission is controlled via the steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters or the center console electronic gear selector.
Acura Transmission

Learn More About Acura Transmissions at Sterling Acura of Austin

Now that you no longer need to ask, “What is CVT?”, come experience Acura performance first hand at our Acura dealership in Austin. Regardless of whether you’re a fan of a traditional manual or automatic transmission, Sterling Acura of Austin has a wide variety of new and preowned vehicles in our inventory. Did you know you can apply for financing from the comfort of your home? What are you waiting for? Contact us today!

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